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Choose a Package that Works Best for You

Clean Ups


Valid for 3 Months

$1,500 First Month

$1,000 for months 1 & 2

For clients who are existing QuickBooks Online Users

Transactions prior to 2022 will require Premium Bookkeeping 

Premium Bookkeeping


Valid for 12 Months

$1,500 first month

$1,000 Monthly Maintenance

Includes Preparing 1099's at Year End for Contractors

Includes Payroll for up to 3 Employees

W2 Preparation at Year End

Additional EE Cost can be Customized

Corporate Bookkeeping


Valid for 12 Months

$7,000 First Month

$3,000 Monthly Maintenance

Includes Payroll for up to 10 Employees

W2 Preparation at Year End

Additional EE Costs can be Customized

1099's for Contractor Payment

How We Help You and Your Business


  • Reconcile Cash, Bank Accounts, and Revenues

  • Maintain an Accurate General Ledger, Making Adjustments as Needed

  • Create Journal Entries for all Accounts, Including Fixed Assets

  • Monitor the Business' Cash Flow

  • Issue Invoices To and Collecting Payments From Customers

  • Prepare Tax Returns and Monthly and Quarterly Financial Statements

  • Remit Payroll, Income, Sales, and Use Taxes

  • Process Employees' Timesheets and Manage Payroll

  • Supervise Accounting Staff, Such as Payroll Clerks, Billing Clerks or Payable Clerks

  • Collect Information for Auditing Purposes

  • Prepare 1099's for Contractors

  • Run Payroll

  • Manage Customer and Vendor List

  • Track Inventory

  • Manage Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

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