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Partner with L3 Virtual Solutions, LLC for the start of a lucrative career from the comfort of your own home.  Everyday can be

"wear your pajama to work day".

Full Time and Part Time

You have the flexibility and independence to choose which client you work with and what hours you work each week.

Take your career with you during relocations and reassignments.  Great for military wives who are interested in adding revenue to their household. Military discounts also available.  Save up to 50% on certification courses.

Military Families

Debt Cancellation

Seasoned professionals already in a full time job/career? Add a supplemental income by working part-time on the weekends.  Pay off that student loan, credit card and save for that vacation you deserve.  Add additional revenue from the convenience of your home.

College Students

Earn income working from home on your computer and phone.  Save money on gas, no commuting.

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